Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas to me!

I bought myself a present today! I bought a new bike!

After talking to a number of people, doing some research, and thinking long and hard, I realized that my wonderful Trek Pure Sport was not going to be the right bike for a Century. It's heavy with big, wide tires, which means it takes more effort to go a certain distance. It has funky geometry, with my feet more forward for comfort. That means I can't stand on the pedals and still pedal, which won't allow me to get relief or power, depending on my needs. And it likely will be difficult to ship to Lake Tahoe, mostly because of the wacky geometry.

Sooooo....I started looking, asked a few experts as well as some biking friends, and I settled on a new bike - the Fuji Absolute 2.0!

I'm thrilled with it (I'll post some photos later) - It's a beautiful bright blue and so pretty! And it's sooo much faster! I haven't taken it for anything more than a quick spin, but I'm sure I can go 3-4 miles quicker on it with the same energy output. So excited!!

For now, I'm keeping the Trek on the indoor trainer, and will use the Fuji for outdoor rides. I bought some thermal riding clothes, so I'm hoping to get outside sometime this month, when there's a sunny, not-so-frigid day.

My official training starts this month! This is getting exciting!
Oh, and one other thing - thanks so much to my donors! I've already hit 26% of my fundraising goal! Please help me raise the rest quickly, so I don't have to worry about it while I'm training hard.

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