Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spin Class

I took my first spin class on Friday, and am officially hooked! What fun! It turned into a 75 minute class, and it completely wiped me out for hours, but it was so cool to feel like I was riding up and down hills! I've done similar rides on my bike indoors, by shifting gears, but there was something about the spin class that really made it feel real.

I had so much fun I found another class Monday evening! The second class was tougher, because he spent a good 60% of the class out of the saddle, and I'm still having issues with my feet going numb. Pedaling on numb feet is not pleasant, and I kept shifting my weight around in odd positions trying to get relief. Plus I was wearing regular sneakers, so my feet had no real stability. My muscles were super-sore afterward.

But I got a real feel for how my ride will be, and I'm even more excited! Oh, and I lost about a lb this week, even though it was my birthday week and I had a lot of cake opportunities.

AAANNNDDDD --- Thanks to wonderful friends, I am already 47% to my Team in Training fundraising goal! This is before my big beef 'n' beer party this weekend - I might actually be able to raise all my money by the end of this weekend! (In which case, I'll raise my goal...)

To donate, click on the link to the right, or go to
If you want details about the party, message me and I'll tell you all about it!


  1. Congrats on working towards the Century Ride! I live over the hill from Tahoe and it will be a beautiful ride! Good luck on your party this weekend. I hope it's a HUGE success for you.

  2. I tried leaving a comment earlier and lost it because I clicked away before doing the word verification... :( I love, love, love spin class! I was hooked after my first class too and love the invigorating feeling of feeling like I am climbing a mountain and how the endorphins fly after I am done.

    Great job on your fundraising too!

  3. My feet were going numb last season too. I got different riding shoes, I am now using Keens and like them a lot.