Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My first blog post

I decided I wanted to blog about training for my Century Ride in June 2011. I never blogged before because I wasn't sure if I could stick with it, but since this whole challenge is about sticking with it, I thought what the heck.
My first week has been great - I raised 6% of my $4,400 goal so far, and have some ideas in play to raise more. I have also spent some time on my bike, which currently sits on a trainer in my back room. I was surprised how hard it seems to pedal on a stationary bike in comparison to riding outside. I thought I'd be able to go for longer periods without hills and wind and other challenges. But I really tire out fast. I've maxxed out at 75 minutes so far, and by 45 I am really fading. I need to challenge myself on this! I'm facing an 8-10 hour ride in about 6 months, and I need to build up endurance (although I did have the added benefit of a 1.4 lb weight loss this week).
My real training begins in January, and I want to be ready!