Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring, please?

So, over the weekend we were teased by spring - we had 2-3 days of beautiful weather. Temps reached 70F on Friday! And I took advantage! I got out on my bike Friday morning and rode for 22 miles! It felt so good! Something about riding outside makes me remember why I decided to take on this crazy challenge.

I'm still getting used to the smaller seat, and I think I need to have my seat adjusted back a little. My butt hurt for 2 days! Will I develop callouses on my butt cheeks? :o)

Last night, it snowed. About 4" of fluffy, white snow. I think it's something like 20F outside as I write this. Talk about a tease! While it's supposed to be slightly warmer this weekend, it's also supposed to rain - nay, POUR - this weekend. *sigh*

My long Saturday ride is supposed to be 30 miles. I think I'll be doing 3 hours inside instead. On the positive side, I'm on Season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

To support my efforts, please donate at http://pages.teamintraining.org/de/ambbr11/msawczuk

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Training begins

Sorry I've been a little behind in updating the blog. I promise to make a better effort at this.

First off - let me say that the beef 'n' beer fundraising party was a huge success! Everyone had a great time; the food was fantabulous (mom's roast beef changed lives once again, and my niece's lasagna was a hit too); the dj was fun; the karaoke was awesome (loved that we had about 20 people up on stage at the end singing Sweet Home Alabama) - it was a perfect night! And most importantly - WE RAISED OVER $1,000 FOR LLS! SWEET!!!

As of today, I am 61% to my goal, and I hope to reach my goal by March 26 (which is an important date, for reasons I'll explain shortly). If I can reach my goal by then, I will be able to concentrate only on training and not have to worry anymore about making my fundraising goal. So please, if you haven't, consider donating at my website.

I finally got outside last Sunday, and rode to Old New Castle and back - just about 8 miles round trip. It was the first time I had ridden my new bike - the Fuji Absolute 2.0. I am thrilled with it! It handled well, even with all the flotsam and jetsam I had to avoid, thanks to the snow. I'm hoping that I can get out this weekend again - perhaps even both days - as it's supposed to be over 40F this weekend. I'm going to do a longer ride, perhaps a 25 mile one if I have the time.

Now more about March 26 - that's the date of my first group ride. I signed up for the Icicle Metric with the White Clay Bicycle Club. It's a metric century ride (a little over 60 miles), and it should really give me a feel for how my training is coming along. I plan to finish it, but I can always shorten the ride to the other official mileages (22 or 31 miles). I'm told it has some hills, including one at the very beginning, so it should give me a feel for what I need to work on for the rest of my training.

I have never ridden in a group ride before, so I'm a little anxious to see how I do. I believe other members of my team will be riding in this as well, so I can see how I measure up. (Not that it matters, I know, but...)

I am also planning to sign up for the Ocean to Bay Bike Tour in Bethany Beach on April 16. It's a 50 mile ride, and will be considerably flatter, but it will also help me with the group dynamics training.

Okay, I think I've caught you up now. Time to go ride on my trainer! If you're interested in signing up for one of these rides with me, let me know - that would be cool!