Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Next Step

The Tahoe ride is over, but my Road to the Century continues. Next weekend I have a metric century, The Delaware Doublecross -

One thing just about everyone knows about Delaware (assuming they know it even exists), is that it's small! Many bicycle clubs have rides that cross their state, or cross the state and come back (doublecross) - these rides usually take days. In Delaware, we can do that in a mere metric century (about 62 miles)!

I have yet to finish a metric century, but for some reason I'm not concerned about finishing this one - perhaps it's because I rode 45 of the toughest miles I've ever experienced a few weeks ago! 62 flat, sea level miles seems like nothing!

On the century front, I've signed up for another century - once again, upon flat, sea level terrain. September 10 - The Amish Country Bike Tour -

While most in this area are aware of the Amish of Lancaster County, many people don't know that we have an Amish settlement here in Delaware, just west of Dover. This ride includes a rest stop manned by the Amish, complete with pies and cookies! My kind of ride!

So the quest continues - and the training too. In fact, I'm heading out shortly to get a nice ride in today.

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