Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Finish Line

This ranks up there with some of the worst days I’ve ever had. I can honestly say I did not enjoy myself during this ride. Yes, the views were lovely, but there are lovely views in many places. The air was so thin I could not breathe after the first big climb (800 feet). It felt like I was breathing through a plastic bag with a pinhole in it. I was truly scared I wouldn’t be able to catch my breath. When I finally recovered, another hill appeared to take whatever air I had left in my lungs right back out.

Oh and did I mention it rained for about 75% of the ride, and it sleeted and hailed too, for good measure. When it wasn’t raining, it was still cold. I think the high was about 50F (and that didn't hit until well into the ride). So there were precious few times I was warm (with my three layers on) and most of the time I was just soaked to the core.

I did get through about 43 miles before I needed help. I had some motorized assistance up the 1,000 foot climb, and even downhill for most of the way. I was dropped off about 2 miles from the finish. And then I crossed the finish line.

The Road to the Century continues… but never again in Tahoe…

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