Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In the Homestretch!

Quite a bit has happened in the last few weeks since I've updated my blog.

First of all - I MADE MY FUNDRAISING GOAL! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed! I can't tell you how much your support means to me!

Second, I still have not completed a metric century. The weather last time was not as advertised - it was not 70 and sunny. It was 50, windy, chilly and overcast. And once again, I was miserable. My leg cramped up going up a hill, and I went 4 miles out of my way when I missed a turn. I ended up with 31 miles under my belt before I quit. This Saturday is my last scheduled metric century - the Tour de Cure, benefiting the American Diabetes Association. Once again, it leaves from Newark, and will likely tackle the same hills I've struggled with in both other metric centuries. Wish me luck - completing this would be such a boost to my confidence.

Third, I did complete a ride to Chesapeake City and back - 50 miles, plus two bridges. I crossed the canal via the Chesapeake City Bridge heading down - what a nightmare! There's no margin, so I was in the lane, blocking traffic. And when I got to the top and tried to shift, MY CHAIN FELL OFF!! I nearly fell off my bike and there I was at the top of the bridge trying to fix my chain while making myself as flat as possible so I wouldn't get hit by passing cars! I was terrified! It was not fun! I went home via the St. Georges Bridge, which has a bike lane. Much better! I could weave and maneuver my way up the hill without as much fear.

I get the sense that the hills in Tahoe might be of a similar grade as the St. Georges Bridge - I have nothing concrete to base that on, but that's my sense. Long but not particularly steep. (If anyone who reads this knows differently, and has an idea of a hill I can compare them with, please let me know.) So I think I'm going to climb the bridge a few times in the next few weeks before the ride.

My bike ships out Memorial Day Weekend, so I don't have much training time left! I should put a countdown on my facebook page. 25 DAYS TO GO!

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