Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Metric Century on the Horizon

This Saturday brings another metric century ride - a ride benefiting the Cecil County College Scholarship Fund. The route is something like a figure 8 - it goes in a 30+ mile loop in one direction, meets back at the start, and then loops 30+ miles in another direction. Much of the first half of the route mimics the route I took for the Icicle Metric in March (the one that kicked my butt) so I'm really looking forward to seeing how I've improved in the last month.

I upgraded my bike to tackle hills, by changing my cassette (the rear gears) and derailleur. I rode yesterday and it made a big difference on the hills (not that I tackled major hills yesterday, but still...)

Next step - I want to see if I can move the clips on my bike shoes back a smidge - I think the pressure point on my foot is incorrectly placed, causing my toes to numb. If my foot hits the pedal slightly more forward, I think it will fix my problem. I have to check my shoes before Saturday and see if this is possible.

I'm really looking forward to Saturday's ride (minus the 7:30 am start time - ugh) and I hope it gives me a good gauge of my efforts to date.

Wish me luck!

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