Friday, March 25, 2011

My First "Real" Ride is Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the (aptly-named) Icicle Metric Century in Newark, DE. My first real, supported, not-just-me-and-a-couple-others ride. I really don't know what to expect. I mean, I know there will be a route, painted on the ground (I hope I don't get lost!) and rest stops along it. I have no idea how many people signed up (and more importantly, how many will not let the cold chase them away). And I know we start off around 8:30 am, and the course closes (no more support) at 4:00 pm. So I've got 7 1/2 hours to go 60 miles. I hope I can make it!

But, I did 40 miles last Saturday, and nearly 40 the Saturday before. So I think I'm ready for this. They tell me there are hills - but I was in Lancaster County last weekend - the hills can't be worse. If I can finish the 60+ mile ride this Saturday, I will feel completely confident I can finish America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride in Tahoe in June!

So, wish me luck! It's going to be in the 20s and 30s out there but I do have the appropriate clothing (although I may be stopping at Performance Bicycle to pick up some shoe bootie things - I don't have them yet and people tell me I need them). It will be cold but at least it's supposed to be sunny - no rain! Yay!

Oh and thanks to everyone who has donated! I've reached my minimum fundraising goal for Tahoe, and I've closing in on my own goal! You guys ROCK! Thanks also for the support and encouraging words. They mean a lot to me.

See you after I melt the Icicle!


  1. I only made it 38 miles - there were so many hills!
    I'll post soon - Thanks for following me! It means a lot to me!